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Zion Lester has loved books all of her life.

As early back as she can remember, she has loved to read and loved to write. As a young kid, her favorite book was “Where, Oh where is Huggle Buggle Bear?” Today, it’s “Out of My Mind” by Sharon Draper.

The 16-year-old Atlanta, GA native is co-author of a forthcoming children’s book.

Written alongside her father, a multi-hyphenate preacher, author, and social activist, this children’s book is the story of a young girl who learns the value of helping others. Committed to the cause of helping others, she hatches a plan to recruit others to do the same. It is a personal story mirroring her life as the daughter of two community activists.

Her parents, Cecilia and Terence Lester – who she considers her biggest inspirations – founded Love Beyond Walls, a 501(c)3 organization focused on raising awareness of the realities and needs of those experiencing lack and vulnerability. Brought up in an environment centered on community service, helping others is just one of many passions for Zion.

“There is always someone in need, and no matter what age you are, you can always help others,” says Zion. “It is something I learned growing up, and something I wanted to teach other young people. We all can help anyone in need.”

A self-proclaimed history buff, the two things she likes most about herself are that she is laidback and chill. She also considers herself an excellent listener. Writing more books is definitely in her long-term life plan. But for now, finishing high school, reading and writing more, and playing soccer are the most present priorities. And, of course, being an amazing big sister to 13-year-old brother Terence II.

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